Aventus Capital Corp. (the “Fund”) was incorporated in 2017. It is in the business of securing mortgages sourced by Aventus Mortgage Group Inc. (“the Manager”) through a well-established network of independent mortgage brokers and financial institutions. Security for mortgage loans is in the form of independently valued real estate located in the province of British Columbia. These mortgages are registered against the title of specific properties making Aventus Capital the secured creditor of the mortgagors/borrowers. The Fund has established strict lending policies and procedures relating to the types of mortgages it will invest in to ensure the safety and preservation of investors’ capital while generating superior returns.

Aventus Capital Corp. uses Drake Financial Ltd. as its Exempt Market Dealer – all investment inquiries and sales are handled by Drake Financial Ltd.



Parm Soor
Managing Director

Parm is responsible for oversight of the Fund and Manager including sourcing new mortgage investments, managing credit risk and operations, and implementing strategic initiatives.

Prior to joining the Fund, Parm had a successful 10-year career in commercial banking with one of Canada’s largest chartered banks. He was responsible for credit structuring and relationship management for a $120 million commercial mortgage and business loan portfolio for clients with credit of up to $50 million and minimum revenues of $10 million per year. Parm is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Bachelor of Business Administration Program with a specialization in Finance and he is a licensed mortgage broker.

Mandy Mann

Mandy Mann
Vice President, Mortgages

Mandy leads our Mortgage division and is also our lead mortgage broker. She has been a licensed broker since 2016 with significant success in obtaining senior bank financing for her clients as well as her own real estate projects and investments.

Mandy also brings a decade of HR management experience to the Group from her previous roles as HR Manager for an international apparel company, where she lead all HR Operations and Strategic Planning and Execution, and as a Senior HR Generalist at a multi-billion dollar global technology and supply chain company. In addition to growing our mortgage portfolio, Mandy has been instrumental in recruiting a team of experienced finance professionals and establishing the Fund as a competitive lender in B.C.


A MIC is a Mortgage Investment Corporation designed specifically for mortgage lending in Canada. It is a vehicle for investors to pool their funds by purchasing shares of the MIC and allowing our management company to invest and administer those funds in diversified mortgages.


Investors receive the interest earned from those mortgages net of a management fee charged by our management company to manage and administer those mortgages. The net profit of the MIC is 100% distributed to investors in the form of quarterly dividends which can be paid out directly to the investors or reinvested in the Fund. Investors also receive quarterly statements detailing their account balance and interest earned. Annual audited financial statements are also available to shareholders upon request.


The investments made in the MIC are qualified investments under the Income Tax Act for RRSP’s, RRIF’s, TFSA’s, and RESP’s. Aventus Capital has hired Olympia Trust, a federally regulated trust company, to manage our investors’ registered funds.


Aventus Capital is highly selective in choosing which mortgages to invest in to ensure that we protect our investors’ capital while generating superior returns. All of our mortgages are registered on properties located in key metropolitan regions of B.C. given the strength of those real estate markets. We typically invest in residential mortgages but also can invest in commercial property mortgages subject to a rigorous assessment of the quality, tenancy, and long-term prospects of the property.


To find suitable mortgage investments, Aventus Capital Corp. (the “Fund”) has entered into a management agreement with Aventus Mortgage Group Inc. (the “Manager”), giving the Manager responsibility to source investments for the Fund as well as monitor and manage the mortgage loan portfolio in the best interests of the Fund’s shareholders. The Fund pays a management fee to the Manager in exchange for these services.


Mortgage Type

82% of our mortgage portfolio consists of residential mortgages while 18% consists of commercial property mortgages. We only lend in key metropolitan regions of B.C. Properties mortgaged include single family detached homes, condos, properties under construction, land, and commercial properties.

Loan to Value

Our portfolio is currently invested in 2nd position mortgages, none of which have total loan to values (“LTV”) of more than 80%. In fact, 63% of our mortgages have LTV’s of 65% or less, which speaks to our ability to source safe and secure mortgages for our investors.